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Some doodles I posted on insta earlier today



i love the faces!! theyre very pleasing to look's really neat how you put details like lips/nostrils existing [top 10 things i never expected to say dfjskl] while still maintaining the expressiveness of the face! when i saw this i was like "oh neat someone drew good noses" and then i stopped and looked more and basically just the faces look both -appealing and -like they exist in 3d space. i still have trouble with drawing human faces sometimes and i think being able to look at this and how you did it will help me!

also just. Art,,.

is there a story behind this? (they look like they could be the same character so i am Curious)


You know, funny you should say that, beacuse a couple years ago my younger brother remarked that I "don't draw noses, just nostrils".

Also yes, this is all one and the same character, I just cannot draw consistently for the life of me... yet. Same goes for her story ;-; She's been rattling around my brain since I was 13 in some capacity or another, but it's been years since I've attempted to write her story down properly.